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Эрзянь Википедия — 10 иеть   Сёрмадома лопатне   Цётамонть таблица
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Проект:Эрзянь Википедия — 10 иеть 
Welcome to all! Wikipedia in Erzya language came out of the incubator on May 26th, 2008! We are celebrating our 10th anniversary and want to say «Шумбрачи! Карматанок ялгакс!» («Hello! Let's be friends!») to the Wiki-world.

Choose your own or your community's photo & congratulate Erzyan Wikipedia in your mother tongue using #myvwikipedia10 & #erzyawiki10 hashtags.

On top of this, as part of the anniversary celebration, UG EZY comunity is organizing «Erzya Wikipedia 10 years old» («Эрзянь Википедиянтень 10 иеть») wiki-marathon. We invite your language Wikipedia or its community members to take part and receive a memorable souvenir.




«Erzyan Wikipedia 10 years old» («Эрзянь Википедиянтень 10 иеть») contest timeframe is 26th of May 2018 - 26th of June 2018. Results to be announced by the 26th of July 2018.


  1. Wiki-marathon is open for all irrespective of their age, citizenship, etc.
  2. Every participant must have a Username in any Wikimedia project and have it activated in the Wikipedia language project participating in the Super Wiki-marathon. User Preferences Email options must contain valid contact email and "Allow other users to email me" option must be activated. This email will not be published online - it is necessary for informing individual contest participants.
  3. Every participant may only file content from one Username.
  4. Every participant must individually enter contributed/improved articles or illustration into the contest table.
  5. Every participant has the right to provide help to other participants in the process of registering their contributions in the contest table.
  6. Every participant has the right to assess filed articles of other participants for their compliance or non-compliance to the Wiki-marathon, as well as engage in discussions.
  7. Participants creating or significantly improving 5 articles are declared meeting Wiki-marathon conditions and can be recognized with awarding prizes.
  8. In case of awarding prizes, participants will have to provide their personal data to the organizers.

Articles[витнемс | витнемс лисьмапрянть]

  1. Articles that are newly created or improved in the course of the Wiki-marathon must match the List of declared articles, which are only five. The list is available here.
  2. Upon creation or improvement of the article, it must be linked to from the respective table (to be done by the participant). Only these are included into the Wiki-marathon tally.
  3. Filed articles must meet general Wikipedia-wide requirements and those of the specific language project. In particular:
    to meet Notability criteria;
    to meet Copyright requirement. The text must be specifically written for Wikipedia and for the Wiki-marathon, and not copied from other sources (including from offline);
    to present fact in the neutral manner, complying with specific conditions when describing biographies of the living persons;
    to be based on reliable sources;
    to contain no original research.
  4. Filed articles must meet Featured, Good and Solid Article quality criteria and be judged by jury or organizing team members and other participants.
  5. Only articles with 3500 bytes or larger are included into the Wiki-marathon tally.

Nominations[витнемс | витнемс лисьмапрянть]

  1. Articles about Erzya Writers will be included into the Special nomination.

Illustrations[витнемс | витнемс лисьмапрянть]

  1. Declared illustrations must be uploaded into Wikimedia Commons under free license & meet description requirements.
  2. Illustrations must comply with Freedom of Panorama Act. Photos of buildings are Ok, whilst copyrighted sculpture photos are not.
  3. Illustrations must be included into Wikipedia 10 category.

Results[витнемс | витнемс лисьмапрянть]

  1. Every participant creating the Full list of base articles (five) is a winner.
  2. Nomination winners are identified based on the maximum number of articles from Erzya writers category.
  3. Participants non-complying with Wiki-marathon rules (lack of registration, contributing from a number of Usernames, creating articles with copyright infringements, other project policies) are disqualified.
  4. Contest jury may disqualify participants for «unfair play», i.e. using bots to create articles, failing to timely register created articles or uploaded pictures in the contest table, mass uploading of previously prepared articles or images at any stage, as well as for any actions preventing fair competition or confusing other participants.

Prizes[витнемс | витнемс лисьмапрянть]

As prizes, UG EZY offers various souvenirs, postcards, notepads, pens & community produced T-shirts.

Sponsors[витнемс | витнемс лисьмапрянть]

Sponsors are legal entities and private individuals providing material support in organizing the wiki-marathon, rewarding participants without engaging in defining nominations or drawing conclusions. For sponsorship-related questions, please contact coordinators.

Partners[витнемс | витнемс лисьмапрянть]

Partners are legal entities or private individuals providing organizational, informational, financial and other support in conducting the wiki-marathon. In agreement with the organizers, partners may announce their own nominations and prizes for participants. For partnership related questions, please contact coordinators.

Free license[витнемс | витнемс лисьмапрянть]

By placing own works in Wikimedia projects, authors agree to their Terms of Use, as well as agree to their irrevocable publication under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 and GFDL licenses.

Results table[витнемс | витнемс лисьмапрянть]

Results table here